What types of beehives does the scale fit under??

We make our scale to fit the outer dimension of all major hive types (Langstroth, Dadant-Blatt, slovenian AŽ hives…). In case of special demand, we are able to produce scales by your demands.

We have limited space under our hives. What is the height of the scale?

The scales are only 4,5 cm in height. We thought of the beekeepers who have a problem with relocating hives to a different location. With no problem at all you can easily place the scale under a beehive stacked in a transport unit. Of course during transport you have to unload the scale.

Can I have a scale under the hive placed in the open?

The scale is protected against bad weather conditions and is made of water-resistant materials. In any case we recommend having a wider rooftop on the hive with the scale under. You will certainly expand the lifetime of the scale by having a wider roof.

Why does the weight differentiate from day to day. Is there an error on the scale?

One rule you have to stick to is to weigh at approximately same time every day as it may result in a different number off bees being in the hive not doing so. It will reflect in difference in weight. Differences can also appear because of the bad weather and humidity. Hive weighs a little bit more  than on a sunny day. At winter weighing the colony is not so neccessary, because time of adding food to the colony has passed. Although weighing the hive can give us a big picture of what is going on in the hive without opening it and disturbing the colony (for example food consumption and queen laying). Please take into consideration also that at winter time winter bees in the colony die off. The weight changes by many factors.

How often should I weigh the hive?

Observing the weight of the colony is one of the factors that shows us if the bees have enough food to survive the winter. Especially in the time where there is no food in the nature it is important to prevent robbing. At that time weigh at least twice a week to have a bigger picture of the situation inside the hive as you cannot open it. Write the info you get into the veterinary diary. In the time of swarming you can easily find the colony that swarmed and take proper action. It is known that some doy before swarming the bees fill their honey stomach with enough food for three days and when they swarm, the weight of the hive drops dramatically as it only has about a half of the bee colony than before inside.

When you are adding food to the colony , do not forget to calculate the weight of the added food and of the food container.

How often do the batteries need replacing?

At normal use the batteries will hold for one beekeeping season for sure. When you start the weighing process, the scale will send a message about which battery needs to be replaced (see Instruction manual).