Wireless digital beekeeping scale


Beekeeping scale with wireless display.

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Beekeeping scale wit a wireless display. Place the base of the scale under the beehive. The beehive can stay on the base throughout the beekeeping season. When the beekeeper pushes the button on the base with a display unit, the measurement procedure begins. The scale fits all major beehives (Langstroth, Dadant-Blatt, National…). The scale starts weighing, when the load on it is greater than 5 kg!


Benefits for the beekeper:

– The beekeeper knows exactly, whether the nectar flow is high enough or the bee colony must be fed
– he doesn´t disturb the bee colony order because opening the hive is no longer neccesary at every inspection
– the scale fits all beehive types up to 150 kg of weight.
– when swarming a beekeeper can quickly find out, how many bees are left in the hive and thus find the colony that swarmed and take proper action
– the beekeeper can easily find the quantity of the honey inside the hive and prepare for honey harvesting.

Technical characteristics:
– Power: 1 x 3V CR123A battery in the base of the scale and 1 X CR2032 lithium battery in the hand display unit (when empty a special code will apear on the display saying which battery to replace)
– Dimensions: 505 x 415 x 45 mm
– Temperature range: -10C do +35C
– Measuring zone: 5-150kg
– Section: 0,1kg